Club Crawls Explained


Club crawls are more than just a tour of a variety of different nightclubs around town. It is a complete exploration into music, dance, and entertainment, giving people the opportunity to bond over a common theme. It also allows a way to learn about the city in which they live in by learning about the heart and soul of the city. Offering club crawls that everyone loves and enjoys may prove to be a challenge, yet not impossible. The more experienced and established club crawls, such as Club Crawl City Hollywood club crawls, solve the problem by offering variety of customized club crawls built to suit any personality and budget. No matter what your needs, will design the perfect night out party package built to suit even the most difficult personality to please. We have worked in the Los Angeles nightclub and nightlife industry for over 18 years. Our long-lived nightlife expertise allowed us to develop unrivaled clubbing connections with Hollywood top nightlife professionals. In addition, through our numerous years of experience, we have now mastered the ins and outs of how things work in this city. We enjoy what we do. We enjoy taking people into an atmosphere where they can have fun, relax, and let go. strives to make a great and enjoyable evening for everyone who decides to join our Hollywood club crawls to the best Hollywood clubs and Los Angeles nightlife events.

What are club crawls (aka pub crawl)? Club crawls (sometimes called “bar tour” or bar-hopping, bender or “alcocrawl”) is the act of visiting and consuming alcoholic beverages at a number of clubs in a single night with a group of friends. It is purportedly called a “crawl” because the participants are literally crawling from club (aka “pub”) to club after getting drunk at the first few clubs. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term (including variations like ‘gin crawl’ and ‘beer crawl’) has been in use since the late 19th century. A common reason to hold a club crawl is celebrate the birthday of a person who reached the legal drinking age. The pubs (aka “clubs”) chosen for the route can be chosen according to a theme.


Club crawls are inexpensive and worry free way to enjoy a night on the town. Club crawls involve groups of people meeting up at an introductory location, mingling and preparing to go a party tour of several popular nightclubs. These hassle-free tours visit designated clubs and allow the patrons to experience the party scene in each venue for an hour or longer. Club crawls are an increasingly popular way for people to get together and spend a carefree night on the town. In addition to having prearranged schedule of bars and clubs, there are a great many other advantages to taking a club crawl.


Taking a club crawl is a convenient way to tour some of the hottest nightclubs in a city. Whether you are a tourist visiting from out of town, or a local resident looking for some fun, joining club crawls are the best things to do to explore nightlife in Los Angeles. Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world and there are endless after dark party havens available to choose from, yet very few popular and packed to visit. Club crawls prevent disappointment and wasted evenings spent in empty late night watering holes.

Another great thing about taking a club crawl is that you don not have to wait in line with the other people to get into a busy nightclub. When you arrive at a club, you are given VIP treatment by the doorman. You just walk on in and start having fun, creating memories worth bragging about on later dates.


One of the reasons club crawls are so popular is the increased social interaction. Within large, organized groups individuals have the chance to meet and interact with a variety of people. People are given the opportunity to meet new people in a safe, organized setting while also easily getting into and visiting a variety of clubs. Since club crawling often comes in package deals offered by a variety of companies, the price for visiting several clubs is lower than if individuals were to go to each one on their own. Some people spend over an hour standing in line waiting to get in at some of the most popular night spots. Paying for bottle service and/or a package deal usually means bypassing the long lines.


Club crawls are the most affordable way to enjoy a safe night of partying. The ticket price of club crawls can vary widely depending on the city, the company providing the crawl, special holiday and or events offered on a particular night of the club crawls, but unlike club crawl tour providers, the clubs offered on on our club crawl tours have no affect on imposed ticket pricing, which will be explained shortly. Regardless, ticket pricing is always offset by the money that is saved by joining a club crawl. When you take a club crawl, you are treated to various complimentary drinks at most, if not all, the clubs that you visit on the crawl. You save time and expense of using a cab during your night on the town – and most of all, the embarrassment of either waiting endlessly to get into a club, if at all.

The next time that you want to have a great night on the town, sign up for one of our club crawls. With Club Crawl City Hollywood club crawls, you can relax and enjoy yourself while leaving the worries to someone else. Contact us to join best Hollywood club crawls that are custom built to suit your budget and group.