Club Crawl City provides a premium guided LA club tour of popular Hollywood clubs and Los Angeles nightlife events. Our mission is to provide quality nightlife. We strive to innovate, captivate and inspire a new concept with all Hollywood nightlife clubbing party tours we manage. Club Crawl City is founded solely on the purpose to continue the good times motivated by the support of our LA club crawlers and clients. Get ready for the ultimate LA VIP nightclub crawl experience when you Club Crawl City nightlife into L.A.’s top Hollywood nightclubs. is where to find all-inclusive nightlife in LA, unrivaled Hollywood club crawls, and the best LA VIP club packages. We offer a variety of entertaining party packages built to suit that will fit your LA nightlife needs. We provide the best LA clubbing party packages for exciting VIP birthday parties, best Hollywood bachelorette and Girls Night Out party packages, corporate events, one-of-a-kind custom club crawl party packages, top Hollywood nightclub bottle service deals and ultra-exclusive Hollywood nightlife guided party tours at the best clubs in LA. These affordable club crawl LA VIP club party packages are designed to fit any budget and needs. We have a variety of party package prices to choose from. Whether you are planning a intimate birthday party, wild girls night out bachelorette party, corporate event or if you’re simply looking to join the best Hollywood club crawl, Club Crawl City is where to find all-inclusive nightlife in LA, unrivaled Hollywood club crawls, and the best LA VIP club packages. Through our relationships with several A-list Hollywood club venues, Club Crawl City is able to provide you with unparalleled access and nightlife concierge services as you CLUB CRAWL the CITY like the rock star we know you are. Contact us to sign up for the ultimate Hollywood club crawl, offered every Friday or Saturday night. We provide dedicated VIP host/s guiding through the best club nightlife the city has to offer. Club Crawl City is LA VIP nightlife made easy. It’s simple. It’s what we do.

Club Crawl City Hollywood club crawls offer the quintessential LA nightlife experience.

Above the drinks, above the line bypass, above the skipped cover charges and above the great food, with Cx3 Club Crawls you will have the most amazing time, ever! Club Crawl City will take you to new and exciting places, to the clubs and bars that you have never thought to step into with hassle free access to a fantastically prepared schedule of Hollywood’s best bars, clubs and supper clubs. Our Hollywood club crawls are perfect for corporate events, bachelorette parties, birthdays and nights out on the town. We plan unforgettable parties. It’s simple. It’s what we do. is LA VIP nightlife made easy!


With its glitz and glamour, its storied and sometimes sordid past, Los Angeles nightlife after dark — and sometimes during the day — is a playground for grownups out for a good time. Our Hollywood club crawls will prove to be one of the most intriguing nocturnal activities in the city. We want you to have a great time and a memorable night! And for sure we would like to make that happen. A Guided club tour and bar hopping is where to experience the best of Los Angeles nightclubs and Hollywood nightlife scene. During a five-hour LA Club Crawl to 3-5 top Hollywood nightclubs. The LA nightclub party tours include VIP club access (no cover charge or waiting in long lines), complimentary shots and delicious culinary treats, followed by discounted drinks throughout the night, VIP hosts to party with you, and exclusive giveaways. GirlsDancing400x250We plan a schedule for you designed to kick start your night and continually build up the energy for as long as you can handle it. Los Angeles nightlife after dark has some of the most amazing nightlife in the world, and we know the secrets to get passed the toughest velvet ropes. We design a night out for you to experience all Tinsel town has to offer at a one low price, hassle free and better than a VIP! Joining our Hollywood club crawl is the easiest way to meet other party-goers from the entire world. You’re sure to head home smiling…and maybe with a new friend or two… We plan unforgettable parties. It’s what we do. It’s simple. Club Crawl City guarantees to be the ultimate Hollywood Club Crawl, offering club-goers an elite mobile club nightlife experience produced, planned and promoted by pioneers of the Hollywood nightlife and Los Angeles nightclub industry. Many tourists and locals take advantage of this cost-saving opportunity on Friday and Saturday nights. All nightspots on the VIP itinerary are within walking distance of each other. Phone in advance to preregister. Get started now! We’d love to hear from you! Contact today to experience LA VIP nightlife made easy tonight!

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