Located on the famous Sunset Strip, Boulevard3 is a dedicated party playground Mecca for those who demand a big night out with all the trimmings. Comprising of multiple uniquely decorated rooms over two floors, you will find everything you need here, including a spacious outdoor courtyard with a pair of reflecting pools, one ending in a 20 foot tall fireplace whose flames seem to float on the water. Boulevard3 is sexier than your average nightclub. With the appearance of a luxury boutique hotel, a high-energy party crowd and fun surprises (ie. free tacos and chocolate covered strawberries), Boulevard3 is a palatial Hollywood dance venue that provides a unique clubbing experience. From the funky stage performers and go-go dancers to the outdoor courtyard with reflecting pool and VIP cabanas, Boulevard3 is a refreshingly unpretentious club with young 20s crowd.


Bordering the courtyard are canopied private rooms, their walls created from ficus bushes with a “floating” window cut in the middle, something one might expect to see in Alice in Wonderland. While earth tones define the central courtyard, each of the garden rooms is distinguished not only by a range of muted colors, but by specific fragrances: from lavender to gardenia to rose.


An intimate “manor library” takes guests inside Boulevard3. Gaining a sense of grandeur with its vaulted ceiling and marble fireplace, the library blends old and new through the art on its walls: ornate picture frames with DLP projection screens displaying dynamic images as opposed to portraits of dead kings and placid countrysides. When the main ballroom is open, the library serves as an antechamber; otherwise it can function as a freestanding space accommodating its own bar.


The intimacy of the Boulevard3 library opens to a 7,500-sq. ft., three-level ballroom, including a 1,500-sq. ft. dance floor (the former Olympic-sized pool of the old Hollywood Athletic Club -prior to embodying the role of Flash Gordon, Johnny Weissmuller served as its lifeguard and trained to win a gold medal in the 1932 Olympics). Capable of accommodating a large stage for live performances, the ballroom features a main bar situated beneath 30′ high ceilings and a majestic skylight. Around the periphery of the ballroom, a Mezzanine is set three feet above the main floor that provides a perfect locale to experience dance floor festivities. For the perfect mix of luxury and comfort, the mezzanine boasts a 36′ long plush velvet couch with unobstructed views of the “Niche of Possibilities”. As you move onto the dance floor, Boulevard3’s design further challenges the senses by interpolating the worlds of hospitality and entertainment. Interlocking platforms are carefully plotted to set the stage for dynamic performances that occur throughout the evening. Ranging from innovative cirque performances to full choreographed hows, Boulevard3 patrons are provided an unforgettable experience.

  • Category: Friday / Saturday

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