Playhouse Hollywood, the new face of the city’s historic Fox Theatre, is fun, sexy, entertaining, and nothing like any other club party venue in Los Angeles after dark. Though Hollywood is known for its glamorous nightlife, Playhouse Nightclub will still have patrons in awe as Hollywood’s most elite playground for the privileged. Playhouse is the epitome of exclusivity, offering raucous nights of glamorous debauchery to the hottest crowds in Los Angeles nightlife.


Playhouse Hollywood Nightclub is a sprawling, 13,000-square-foot Vegas-style club with a sexy circus theme. The impressive high-ceiling space is dominated by a huge oval bar presided over by scantily-clad bartenders who, when not slinging drinks, leap onto trapezes for some aerial acrobatics or regale the crowd with a provocative burlesque show in the elevated cages. Caged go-go dancers flank both sides of the sunken dance floor, where dance fiends and singles on the prowl elbow their way into the jam-packed space to party with Valley kids and the tight-dress set.


Intelligent disco lights and dozens of glowing red orb chandeliers throw dots of color over the fashionable crowd, as groups and couples lounge in leather booths to take in the show over bottle service, or lean over the railings to flirt with passing cuties. High rollers can make their way to the elegant VIP lounge upstairs, which features numerous gold and black banquettes, a second bar and DJ, and a slightly mellower vibe.

A whirlwind combination of high design, circus visuals, and great performances, Playhouse offers three-ring bedlam that die-hard club fans will not want to miss. This decadent venue hosts world class deejays inside its elegant walls, always offering its A-list crowd a bespoke, and effortlessly classy ambiance. If you are looking for big, out-of-control fun, this is definitely the house you want to play in.

  • Category: Friday / Saturday

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